Nancy Elizabeth Davis and the Fulton Family

This old photograph, probably taken at the same time as a similar one of the Fulton family [shown on a separate page], shows Laura Elizabeth (Davis) Fulton's Aunt Nancy.  Nancy Elizabeth (Davis) Cline is believed to be the sister of our Elijah Lee Davis.  She is shown here sitting down just to the right of center.  This was probably taken in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma between 1910 and 1915.

photo_davis_nancy_with_fultons.jpg (60656 bytes)

As mentioned above, this photo contains the Fulton family and was probably taken at the same time as a similar one shown on a separate page, where the people on the left are identified.  The only difference is the inclusion of Laura's Aunt Nancy and the two little girls on the right.

These little girls are believed to be the Nancy's granddaughters, daughters of Nancy's daughter, Rhoda, and therefore first cousins to Laura's children.   If these are Rhoda's children, the tallest one is Edna and the shorter one is Elva.

We find Nancy on the 1910 U. S. Census listed in the household of the John and Rhoda Cacy in Hamilton Twp., Okmulgee County, Oklahoma.  Interestingly, she is listed by her maiden name, as a widow.  By the 1920 U. S. Census however, she is listed in the Old Confederate's Home in Ardmore, Carter Co., Oklahoma with her husband, John, who is obviously very much alive.  Another mystery ...

Author: Roger L. Roberson, Jr.   •   Last updated: 11 January 2003