Welborn Family Research

In presenting an overview of our research into the Welborn Branch of our Family Tree, we will cover history, current efforts, road blocks, and acknowledgments:


In chronological order, we present here the highlights of progress made toward understanding more about this branch of our family tree:

Current Efforts

As time permits, an effort is still underway to discover our Welborn family on the U. S. Census records of 1860 and 1870.  While Joe Welborn had provided a critical piece of biographical information gleaned from his contact with Mrs. Hazel Shelton of Denton, Texas, to date no index search has turned up a listing for John Chipman Welborn, although every possible permutation of the name has been tried.  Something must be unusual about these records, which we will only understand, once they are actually uncovered.

Ultimately, the author will attempt to find every "crossing" of our Welborn family with the U. S. Census records, as a starting point to a later effort to obtain as many local county records [birth, marriages, deaths, wills, property, etc.] as can be found.

Road Blocks

The only major road block currently before us is to uncover the ancestry of Edward Wilbourne, born ca 1660 in Maryland.  Some records indicate he was born in England.  If so, then we have achieved our ultimate goal of reaching back to our Immigrant Ancestor in this branch of our Family Tree.  If not, then considering the early date, we can speculate his parents must've come from England.  This will not be easy to do, as if it were easy, it would have already been done!


We wish to acknowledge here our indebtedness and appreciation for the following people, who have helped us reach our present understanding of this branch of our family tree:

May each of you enjoy many happy returns on the helpfulness you have provided and kindness you have demonstrated to your extended family members and distant cousins!   Without the assistance of each of you in your own indispensable way, we would never have come to our present understanding of our family ancestry.

The author would be most grateful if anyone uncovering more
information would be so kind as to pass it on.

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Author: Roger L. Roberson, Jr.   •   Last updated: 05 July 2003